sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010

Featured in Zazine´s Blog

I received a lovely message today from Teodora Vladescu ,telling me that she had featured my Green Carambolas Necklace in her blog, Sazines.
Teodora is from Bucharest, Romania, and is a user at Dawanda, where she found out about my work.
Thank you so much, Teodora!

Have a nice weekend and thank you for your visit!
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domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Clara Ines Arana

Clara Ines Arana was born in Manizales, Colombia.
I really love the way she uses colors and movement in her pieces.

"Throughout my life, and as a metalsmith, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, teachers, and techniques. These experiences, as well as long research on the artist production of my people’s culture, have led me to discover a new line of work.
I find myself now working on pieces that show simplicity in their design, where forms, shape, space, and color are represented with more clarity, and where lines and movement give a deep, sculptural feeling to the piece.
I feel that these cultural influences in my work have just begun, and I am ready to keep moving in that direction."
Source: Taboo Studio Contemporary Art Jewelry
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quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Tracy de Chevron Villette LSDC

Tracy de Chevron Villete is a jewelry designer from England and a member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen.
Her work is based on fragile, delicate and ethereal structures that are found within the natural environment.

"My sources of inspiration are eclectic in their qualities. Through working with organic materials using a range of processes and techniques, I aim to explore forms and objects that are worn on the body."
So beautiful, love it!
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sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2010

Ayesha Mayadas

Ayesha Mayadas was born in Calcuta, India, and moved to Rochester, NY, when she was 15 years old. Her studio and retail store is in Englewood, NJ.

Ayesha Mayadas uses hammers and stakes to make her beautiful pieces.
"I work gold like clay - pushing, pulling and sculpting, not with fingers, but with hammers and stakes..."
Source: Artful Home
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quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

Elke Mitscha

Elke Mitscha, designer de jóias de Baden-Baden, Alemanha, desenvolve um belo trabalho usando várias técnicas e materiais.
Uma coleção contemporânea, delicada e adorável!

Elke Mitscha, jewelry designer from Baden-Baden, Germany, uses colours, pearls and precious stones in such a way that called my attention. Her pieces are contemporary, delicate and really beautiful.

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sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Natalie Dissel

Natalie Dissel , designer holandesa, tem como filosofia viajar e absorver. A inspiração para as suas peças vem de suas viagens através da Ásia, Oriente Médio e África.
Sua coleção é desenvolvida com a preocupação de mostrar as qualidades naturais dos materiais usados de maneira criativa, única e de extremo bom gosto.

Natalie Dissel is a Dutch jewelry designer and finds her inspiration durings travels through the Far East, Asia and Africa. Her philosophy is simple - travel and absorb.

Her collection highlights the natural qualities of the materials used in a creatived, unique and beautiful manner.

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