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Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

A designer de jóias Michelle Pajak-Reynolds , de Stow, Ohio (Estados Unidos) desenvolve belíssimos trabalhos que variam desde simples designs, usando linhas e formas, até designs mais complexos, de múltiplas camadas, texturas, cores e formas.
O trabalho entitulado "Drawing Series: Morning Meditation", feito com folhas de ouro de 22 kt., Plexiglas e crochê feito com nylon, me chamou logo a atenção. As suas peças transmitem delicadeza e força, e são carregadas de significado e emoção. Como ela mesma diz no texto abaixo, é um trabalho desenvolvido à partir de linhas, luz e sombra.
Agradeço a gentileza da Michelle por ter atendido ao meu pedido, enviando as suas fotos para publicação aqui no meu blog. Para conhecer sua coleção completa, visitem o site, clicando no nome.
The studio jeweler and textile artist Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, from Stow, Ohio, USA., uses a variety of materials and techniques to create her beautiful and inspiring one of a kind jewelry and wearable art.
I would like to thank Michelle for being so kind to accept my invitation to be featured in my blog and send me some photos of her Drawing Series: Morning Meditations. They are so beautiful, magical and inspiring!
Drawing Series: Morning Meditation #11
10 x 6.8 x 2.8 cm

Drawing Series: Morning Meditation #11 (detalhe/detail)

10 x 6.8 x 2.8 cm

Drawing Series: Morning Meditation #16

5.3 x 3.7 x 3 cm

Drawing Series: Morning Meditation #16 (detalhe/detail)

5.3 x 3.7 x 3 cm

I could not describe better her inspirations, thoughts and emotions. The way Michelle tells us how she developed this series deserves to be quoted with no edition!

"Morning Meditations is a continuation of the Drawing Series I began in 2006. Drawing, specifically, lines, shadows, and reflected light are the subjects of this collection of work. Similar to jewelry, lines, shadows, and light can express the ephemeral, intuition, memory, and emotion.

The forms and patterns that appear in Morning Meditations are inspired by the light and shadow patterns I see each morning while sitting in my enclosed back-porch with my sketchbook, a cup of hot tea, and my cat and dog snoring at my feet. In the precious quiet of the early morning, I watch the ground level mist rise and float away while the sunlight passing through the trees creates bold lace-like shadows on my lawn. As the sun rises in the sky, the shadow patterns shift and change, and the dew soaked grass sparkles with golden light.

I use crocheted nylon, Plexiglas, and 22-karat gold leaf to create a visual diary of these patterns. I find the rhythm of crocheting as a hypnotic and meditative act in drawing. Each looped stitch marks a moment in time, a thought, and emotion. Some of my stitches are very open and loose; others are smaller and compact. As I crochet, I play with the materials and I allow the patterns to evolve organically. The nylon forms and drawings that grow off my crochet hook always pleasantly surprise me.

When worn these pieces are transported into diverse environments and the wearer’s movements alter how the light falls on the crocheted drawings and the gold leaf. This movement affects each shadow and reflection and transforms the appearance of the piece as it moves through space.

Jewelry is the format of these ephemeral illustrations because of its historical and cultural use to evoke memories and emotions. As jewelry, Morning Meditations allows the wearer to carry a physical reminder of the quiet stillness of the early morning with them throughout their day."
Thank you Michelle!

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