quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

Carol-lynn Swol

Conheci o trabalho desta artista através do blog Daily Art Muse e me encantei.
Carol-lynn Swol usa um tipo de papel de nylon sintético chamado Tyvek em suas jóias. Ela tinge, queima, dobra, empilha e amassa, assim criando cores, formas e texturas incríveis. Uma verdadeira obra de arte!

I saw the fantastic works of Carol-lynn Swol through the Daily Art Muse blog written by Susan Lomuto and was immediately in love with them. She uses Tyvek to make her jewels and in her own words she says:

" In creating jewelry, material and the passion for material manipulation help drive my creative process. This passion led me to begin creating pieces with Tyvek, a plastic product that feels as delicate as paper, but is far more durable. It is in the duality of this material that I yearn to find a sophisticated balance between durability and ephemeral seeming and between intentionality and spontaneity in design and form. In this collection of work I have dyed, burned, tufted and stacked the Tyvek to create various forms, colors, and texture".

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Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie disse...

Great artist. Thanks so much for sharing