terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

Anna Gordon

Anna Gordon is influenced by nature, architectural detail and everyday objects found around her home and workshop. She also enjoys experimenting with simplified organic and geometric forms, using a palette of precious metal and introducing coloured papers, stones, fabric and enamel. Her ikebana brooches are really beautiful and delicate. Love them!

Anna Gordon will be participating in this year's London Dazzle Exhibition.

3 comentários:

trishiekoh disse...

LOVE the twig inspired jewelry...it's so good!

kella disse...

i love them too. it is inspiring.

paula lindblom disse...

Hi dear Nubia!

Every time when I see this jewellery it reminds me of my friend Joanne Haywoods jewellery, so similar in one way and so far away in another… But the both have their education in London, UK, so may be they are attached by the same atmosphere?!
I like this jewellery and then you can understand that I also like Joanne Haywoods pieces.

Nice that you have started post other jewellery artist at your blog, it always interesting to see what an artist like, inspired of and so on from other jewellery artist.

Have a happy Halloween and keep up the good work!

Take care and enjoy life!

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.