quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

Jane Adam

I have been admiring the work of Jane Adam for quite some time. She has an international reputation for her unique and beautiful jewelry in anodised aluminium, a result of more than 28 years of innovation and experimentation with colour, texture and form. More recently she has also been working with silver, gold, stones and pearls.
Jane uses the nature of the material itself to create form and surface texture by stressing and distorting it.

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3 comentários:

Adriana Ximenes disse...

Hello friend!
I am doing a drawing for a jewelry on the blog.
I await your participation!

fionachapman disse...

I love Jane Adam's work.

kathiroussel disse...

i love jane adams work too nubia-- the organic forms and textures distilled to the minimal and lovely expression--

hope all is well--