domingo, 11 de abril de 2010


I am thinking about using my initials "NG" to name my new shop on Etsy.
I still have to design a new banner, avatar, make a stamp for the silver pieces etc etc.
Do you have any other suggestion?

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Ginny Huber disse...

I am looking forward to your new shop, Nubia..These pieces look lovely; I don't have suggestions..but will send good wishes for success with it..and fun, getting it going...though there is a lot of work involved!!!

DANUGS disse...

Thank you Ginny! Yes, it´s a loy of work but on the other hand lots of fun!

kathiroussel disse...

you must be excited to have arrived at this moment nubia-- your work has been coming along beautifully- now it's just a matter of setting up your shop--- congrats on all your hard work!!


DANUGS disse...

thank you, kathi! i am quite excited and anxious to get the next steps right and the shop all set up. let´s hope everything works out ok!
i really appreciate your support!