sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009

Alicja e Jakub Wyganowski

Alicja e Jakub Wyganowski são joalheiros há muitos anos e tem uma galeria em Varsóvia, Polônia, F150, onde expõem seus trabalhos e de outros artistas locais.
Eles dizem que se complementam no trabalho de criação: "enquanto Jakub golpeia o metal, Alicjia amacia suas curvas". O resultado desta parceria é impressionantemente belo!
Alicjia and Jakub have been glodsmiths for many years. They also own the F150 Gallery, in Warsaw, Polland.
They share an amazing partnership in creating their pieces. In their own words "...while Jakub strikes the iron Alicjia smoothes the curves". The result of this partnership is quite impressive, beautiful and delicate!

Um bom final de semana!
Have a lovely weekend!

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LilithEvy disse...

They are lovely... especially the two first!! Like the curves!!!

Sunita disse...

Nubia, I'm sorry I havent been able to contact you earlier. (I tried but the word for verification wasnt displaying)
I think your work is lovely and have blogged about it on my Chai 'n Spice blog ( I hope you dont mind. If you do, please let me know .