terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009


LazyTcrochet is the feature team member of June of the Etsy Blogger Team.

Her name is Tricia, from Garresttville, Ohio, and I've heard she's a hard worker!
In her profile, she says she loves working with yarn, especially hand-spun wool and cotton, recycling fabrics and fibers and that she enjoys creating modern and original designs as well as traditional, old-world styles in knit and crochet.
I would love to knit and crochet but I could never do it. No problem. LazyTcrochet shop has so many beautiful things that the only thing I have to do is fill up my cart with loads of these goodies!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and visit lazytcrochet.etsy.com !

There's a lot more to see and die for...!

5 comentários:

memoriesforlifescrapbooks disse...

I love the colors she chooses for her items!

Margaret disse...

She is quite talented! These are beautiful!

uniquecommodities disse...

I love Tricia's work~ She is VERY talented

Rose Works Jewelry disse...

She's got a great shop :)

LazyTcrochet disse...

Thanks for the great feature!